Are you ready to stand out and survive as disruptive technologies take hold?


Are you ready to stand out and survive as disruptive technologies take hold?


Letizia Affinito is an innovative lecturer and speaker with over 25 years of experience in Strategic Marketing Communications Management. She partners with leaders to help them stand out and survive in the current era of disruptive technological change.

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Empowering the Connected Physician in the E-Patient Era

The constantly evolving digital world must be used in the practice of medicine to improve the care of patients.

However, the only way to do it effectively is via evidence-based, meaningful and strategic use.

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Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy

The Book makes the case for a fundamentally new approach to healthcare communication; one that uses new media to gather, share and communicate information to achieve patient-centricity and provide better value for both organizations

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e social media

Come sviluppare una strategia di comunicazione per migliorare salute e sanità.

La “centralità del paziente” sta assumendo un’importanza sempre maggiore per il successo delle organizzazioni sanitarie.

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Letizia’s speeches and lectures offer leading edge ideas, tools and cases to leverage the digital transformation.
Her approach is focused on sharing fresh insights with a “so what” for you.

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From the impact of new technologies on organizations to the leading forces driving survival and success in the digital era, Letizia Affinito’s lectures are designed to stimulate audiences with thoughtful questions, innovative approaches and global case studies. As a starting point, explore the two topic outlines on marketing and empowerment in the digital transformation era below, and then ask us how Letizia can customize a lecture for your audience.

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Organizing and Running a Successful Workshop

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“We recently worked with Letizia on a challenging Educational Digital Project targeting Healthcare Providers (HCPs). She is brilliant on many levels. Few people have the knowledge and passion for making a difference with HCP through communication and digital marketing as Letizia. Her online lecture was very insightful and full of powerful content supported by customized research. Letizia’s engaging and interactive teaching style highly contributed to our audience’s learning experience and satisfaction.”

4DD Team

“Very insightful and full of powerful content. I really found Letizia’s “action orientation” a very useful approach for turning ideas into a concrete follow up to drive change in healthcare.”

Flavia Binetti, Exc. Director BU Primary Care & Women’s Health, MSD Italia

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. Letizia touches our hearts inspiring us.”

Davide Bottalico, Digital Healthcare & Innovation Director, Takeda Italy

“I attended Letizia’s marketing analytics course and found her lectures to be insightful, engaging, and relevant. She shared practical strategies and provided a variety of tools, tips, techniques, templates, that were very useful for me in my everyday work as a marketer.”

Maggie Tereszkowski, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Analytics, Hotellytics

“Letizia’s lectures are a memorable experience. I loved her case studies learning approach since it involves the audience and stimulates analysis and retention of the advanced marketing concepts in an easy and natural way. Her lectures both inspired me to think strategically as well as gave me practical hints relevant for my everyday work as a Business analyst.”

Irena Petkovic, Business analyst, WFP - Rome

“Letizia has been a Keynote Speaker at several of our Digital Pharma events globally. She’s helped our audience of pharmaceutical marketers better understand the challenges in patient-centered digital strategy, how to empower HCP’s to promote and measure patient behavioral change, how to leverage Social Media and work with ePatients, etc. with those topics being merely a sliver of the knowledge she brings to the table. She regularly receives high grades from our audience and is a true Thought Leader in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketing space. She has been an asset to our events and I look forward to working together on many more!”

Jayson Mercado, Managing Director, Digital, ExL Events a division of Questex

“Thanks for a very good presentation at the Digital Pharma EU! You pinpointed a number of observations relevant for me in my everyday work as a leader. Very insightful and full of powerful content. Some amazing “a-ha” moments for me.”

Tal Atarot, CEO,

“We were delighted to have Prof Letizia Affinito present a webinar on ‘Creating a positive impact on patients and physicians actions through Social Media patient engagement strategies’ for our Fellowship participants.
We received excellent feedback from our attendees who found the webinar to be beneficial to their current roles and particularly enjoyed the examples of good media sources for engaging patient in the communication process. The recording of Prof Affinito’s webinar has gone on to become one of our key lectures in the Patient Centred Care Track in our Fellowship Programme.”

International Society of Quality in Health Care

“Letizia supported us with fresh insights and inspiration on a very important benchmarking project which required out-of-the-box thinking as well as pragmatism and actionable solutions. She perfectly customized her speech to our needs and was very engaging during the delivery and facilitation process. This mix of being strategic and tangible at the same time, was very refreshing for me and the team and resulted in a clear roadmap. A very successful cooperation has started since this project.”

Andrea Quadrini, General Manager Southern Europe, Hill's Pet Nutrition

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Letizia’s speeches and lectures offer leading edge ideas.

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